Mission Possible: The Hall Search

Okay so it’s been a while since I updated this blog – and I am totally defeating the purpose of updating my few readers of my wedding preps. So let’s go back to February – the hall search. Before I begin this post, I’m going to tell you about how blessed I am with having such an amazing family and such amazing in-laws. Both families went together for the search and we both made sure we were aware of all the details before booking. So our first stop was Le Jardin. This place is absolutely stunning! I discovered this gorgeous venue when a Facebook friend posted pictures of a wedding she attended at this venue. It was absolutely stunning. It gave a very Victorian look – and was very classy. It was a good 45 minutes away from our place, which was the first thing my family pointed out. When we went in – we were in awe of the beauty of this place. A gentleman greeted us and told us he would give us a tour of the place. Although we loved the venue – we were extremely disappointed at the size that was being offered to us (FYI – we had about a guest list of 300+ in mind). So extremely disappointed with the hall size being offered to us, we had to decline. So we continued our search…. Chandni Convention Centre was the once place my sister had been talking about from the get go. She mentioned that there was no better venue to hold our Mehndi function at. So that was our second stop. Now this venue has 3 different halls. We were greeted by an extremely nice individual who was very accommodating to all our requests. We knew this was going to be the one. Status: Day 1 Complete We ended the day by visiting Apollo Convention. Instead of going on and on about how terrible our experience was with this particular individual we were dealing with – I am going to talk about the two other halls we did end up booking. Embassy Grand: We loved this place from the get go. Their halls were so classy and the people were pleasant to deal with. I had the chance to attend a wedding at this venue this summer – and was in love with what the place had to offer. Pearson Convention Centre: This venue was recently renovated into a stunning hall with a modern yet classy feel to it. My fiancé was in love with it the moment he entered into the lobby – and that made my day 🙂 So there you go. After visiting approximately 25 venues across the GTA, calling multiple hall managers – we managed to complete our search. Below are pictures of each of the halls. I promise to update my blog more often, as I should. Bye for now 😉

Chandni Convention Centre

Chandni Convention Centre

Embassy Grand Convention Centre

Embassy Grand Convention Centre

Pearson Convention Centre

Pearson Convention Centre



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