Weight Loss Society

I am not sure why I picked this title – but I did. I’m writing this as I munch on a strawberry strudel from Tim Hortons. Weight has been a constant struggle for me and I am sure for others as well. I feel like I am constantly counting calories and avoiding foods I just wish I could indulge on. I understand how it feels to be overweight – and I know how hard it is to get rid of that fat. I was about 132 pounds when I first got engaged (back in February). Today I weigh about 115, and I still do not feel totally satisfied with my body. I can always pinpoint the excess fat somewhere or the other. Everyone keeps telling me to stop the weight loss – but I know for a fact that I still need it. My goal is to lose another 5-10 pounds before the search for the perfect dress. 

To be quite honest, I decided to dedicate this post to myself and other women out there who have to face this constant struggle. All I have to say is, keep at it. Its very hard to get your body the way you want it in a short time span – and trust me its very discouraging at times when you don’t see desired results – but I promise you one thing – you will soon enough.




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