Style File: Bunto Kazmi

You knew this post was coming. I’m a Pakistani bride-to-be, of course I was going to dedicate a post to Bunto Kazmi. For those of you who don’t know who Bunto Kazmi is, she’s the Vera Wang of Pakistani bridal outfits – every bride’s dream. Many bride-to-bes save up for years just to be a ‘Bunto Bride’ on their special day.

Bunto uses a fabric called French-net for all her outfits. She also uses a lot of Kaamdani to make the outfit ‘shine’. But that’s not what makes her outfits so special. The intricate work, the designs and the various color combinations she uses, are what make her outfits so exquisite.

During my extensive search on bridal outfits, I visited various forums and blogs written by Pakistani bride-to-bes around the globe. I came across GupShup ( which has a whole thread dedicated to Bunto Kazmi’s designs. You will never see her designs at a retail location, and she doesn’t have a Facebook page or a website, so this was the first time I came across any of her work. She’s well known simply through word of mouth. Her creativity is unimaginable and the bejeweled work is so intricate and delicate, that anyone would fall in love with her designs at first site.

So I did it. I decided to email her daughter Fizza Kazmi, who takes care of all the administrative duties, to find out the price range of her outfits. Her starting range was between $4,500 and $5000. I wasn’t too keen on spending so much on just one outfit, and since there was still over a year left to my wedding, I didn’t bother. However, a few months later, I had the opportunity to see a ‘Bunto Bride’ for the first time in Canada. Although her work is pretty common/popular in Pakistan, you don’t see Pakistani-Canadian brides wearing her designs. I fell in love. I emailed Fizza back the next morning, only to find out that she was already booked a year in advance! I begged and begged her to make  an exception and to squeeze my order in, however Fizza refused. Sigh.

Even though I won’t be a Bunto-bride, I can still admire her work. Below are some of my favorite designs by her.

** Please note all images have been taken from Please send me a message if you would like to have any of the images removed**










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