Wedding Jewelry

So the reason I started blogging was to reflect on my thoughts some day during my wedding planning process. Today is January 21st – we are officially in the year when my wedding will take place. So let’s start off with what is done so far, and what we need to do.  My fiancé and I, after meeting multiple vendors have finalized our decorator, DJ, photographer, videographer and  the Imam.  Catering remains to be a question. I have given my wedding outfit order to a designer I will not name until after my big day. I have also selected my Valima outfit with a designer – whose name once again, I will disclose after the Valima Reception. For the time being – I am going to dedicate a post on jewelry.

I knew from the beginning I wanted to wear a crystal set – specifically Swarovski for my Valima reception.  And that’s exactly what I did. I bought the most beautiful Swarovski collar that I have ever seen (in my opinion at least!).  I am still searching for matching crystal earrings and a tikka to go with it.  I wanted to wear something small yet elegant for the Valima reception.

For the Nikkah Reception, I will be going for a Polki Diamond set. Polki may look very similar to kundan, however it is a form of uncut diamond while kundun is a semi-precious stone (as described on  As my wedding dress is a mix of gold and silver – I thought a stone that incorporates both colors would go well with the outfit. I wanted it to be completely different than my Valima set – and so that’s how I came about making the decision. My wedding dress designer was also very helpful in providing suggestions as to what would go best with the outfit. I have not seen my wedding dress or my valima dress in person yet. My cousin has been coordinating with both designers. Hopefully what I have envisioned comes to life.

I have decided not to wear a ‘Jhoomar’ or a ‘Mattha Patti’ on both days, and stick to a ‘Tikka’. All three are forms of headpieces (scroll below to the pictures to see what I am referring to). Both my outfits have a very modern look to them. One will made out of the fabric tissue, while the other is made of net. I wanted something contemporary and that speaks to what times are like now. Pakistani brides in the olden days would wear multiple necklaces, various headpieces and a ‘Nath’ (pretty much a really big nose ring). Since both my outfits are extremely heavy – I decided to go for something small, that compliments my outfit rather than takes the attention away from it. I also have a really small face and skinny neck, so I really didn’t want my face to drown in the jewelry.

Hope all the 2014 brides are enjoying planning their wedding as much as I am!



Madhuri Dixit wearing a Polki Diamond Set


This one isn’t mine – but I think its stunning!


Pretty Malaika Arora wearing a Jhoomar with her hair out

Pretty Malaika Arora wearing a Jhoomar with her hair out

Matha Patti

Matha Patti


Priyanka Chopra wearing a Tikka


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