My Fiancé- SS

So since nobody’s aware of my blog (nope not even my fiancé, although I do plan on telling him…soon), I will not be able to disclose his name or post his pictures. As he is who I plan on spending the rest of my life with, I thought I would dedicate my first post to him. So here it goes:

How did we meet?

I first saw SS at my sister’s friends wedding last year. He was the groom’s cousin, and I was attending from the bride’s side.  I recognized his younger brother right away, as he was a year elder to me in high school. Anyways, I noticed SS as he was a part of every choreographed dance from the groom’s side at the Mehndi (one of three main wedding events in South Asian culture – that is dedicated to dancing and singing).  Also, since my elder sister was good friends with him back in high school, I knew his name by default.

No this was not when we met.

Our mothers became good friends and kept in touch. Oh, and I forgot to mention, his parents live in the United States. A few months later, his parents were visiting Toronto for Eid and invited us for lunch at a local Pakistani restaurant.  And that was the first time I met him. It wasn’t love at first site, as we didn’t make much of the meeting. But we did end up adding each other on Facebook and started getting to know each other from there.

Our first date:

He asked me out a few days into us exchanging numbers. Our first date was at Yorkdale Mall where we went to watch Argo and had dinner at Moxies. And so it began…



The Introduction

 So here it is… finally. I have been meaning to start a blog for a very, very long time. So first let me introduce myself. My name is Anum and I am a 24 year old Canadian-Pakistani who currently residing in Toronto. I have a regular 9 to 5 job in the government sector, and absolutely love it. I am engaged to this good looking, 26 year old, Chartered Accountant, who I met only a few weeks before I knew he was the one. I’ll be referring to him as SS in this blog (FYI – those are his initials). So since I am getting married end of next August (2014), I wanted to write down all my thoughts during this crazy wedding planning process. I have come across many online forums and blogs, and they have guided me in picking some of the ‘best’ South-Asian wedding vendors here in Toronto. So I really hope you guys enjoy reading what I have to offer 🙂