Style File: Sana Safinaz

The dynamic duo, as I would love to refer to them as, have dominated the fashion industry in Pakistan. The two, Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Muneer, ensure that their designers cater to women of all ages and sizes. Today’s post is dedicated to their bridal wear. I have seen Sana Safinaz bridal’s in person, and have to say, that their cuts and embellishments are to die for. Their work is quite popular in North America, and from what I have heard, they now have many fans in India as well! The great thing about their work is that they have a signature style and always ensure that their bridals can be spotted from the distance. They use different mixes of colors and from my observations they tend to use mostly applique work.

So this one is for the buyers, what is their customer service like? I know of 4 brides that have purchased from their formal/bridal wear collection.  3 out of 4 received their outfits on time, while one had to wait longer than the time promised.  Overall, I have heard great things about the duo, how they are very friendly and will guide you well.

Here is their information, for those interested, and here are a few pictures I have gathered from Pinterest and Enjoy!,

Phone: Karachi: (+92 21) 353-71768, Lahore:(+92) (0) 300-451-6939